Integrated Systems Corporation

ISC is a corporation engaged in designing, developing and implementing Business System Solutions and services covering a wide array of Innovative Systems such as ERP Solutions, SME Business Solutions, Cyber-Security Systems, Integrated Record Keeping Systems, Integrated Communication Systems, web page development and web hosting.

ISC is universally known for its partner-built applications that provide system solutions for the most pressing challenges facing companies today. ISC's affordable and efficient System Solutions are products of Eight (8) solid years of designing and programming here in the Philippines as well as abroad(Europe, Asian & Middle East). This Solid-Rock Programming Team is composed of an independent team of professionals highly skilled in information technology, business analysis, quality assurance and system.

Our Corporate Principle

ISC is built on time-honored, rock-solid management principles: principles that guarantee a company's success. Our products will never be considered as an added cost but a complete package of profitable and cost lessening investment and making its products a Solid-Partner of its clients to provide Quality Service, Efficient Workforce and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Vision

We will be a global leader in Innovative Systems Design and Programming by providing high valued products for our clients

Our Mission

ISC is committed to the following:

  • We aim to persistently endeavor to meet, even exceed, our client's requirements and expectations at a more reasonable cost with reliable services and state-of-the-art products.
  • ISC always seeks to spearhead new and extensive development on the corporate key to success--presenting competent career growth prospects and enrichment.
  • We aspire to be the top universal System Solution provider in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality.
  • Our software manpower will exemplify the role of being worthy contributors to worldwide progress, specifically embodying heir catalyst role in information Technology and National Economics.

Software Engineering Solutions and Innovations are us, and we take it on ourselves to define in clear and visible terms what software Engineering is, setting an industry standard in systems and development, chiefly in offering full scale and wide range IT services plus a most effective and comprehensive after-sales support.