ERP Solutions

I-SYS ERP Solutions is a state-of–the-art management software system which represents the end result of ten years of experience developing some of the most innovative IT solutions in the Philippines as well as abroad. The software is designed to save you time, reduce your costs, imporve management, streamline communication between departments, provde you efficient workforce, and to arm you with easy-to-use-reports for successful decision-making.

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Sales & Distribution ERP System


Manufacturing ERP System

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Automated Recruitment Information System


Integrated Planning System


Transport & Logistic System

i-SYS ERP Solution



Automate and optimize everyday activities across your departments from start to finish.

Streamline communication by controlling best practice responses to tasks and processes with integrated workflow subsystem

Improve management capabilities with easy-to-read business intelligence reports, scorecards, and planning & budgeting tools

User-friendly Point-of-Sale system and retail chain management

Organized Workforce is also embedded in the System to assure by department segregation of task and easy monitoring results.

i-MAN Solutions

Manufacturing ERP SYSTEM



i-MAN is a smart windows based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business. i-MAN offers solutions for entire business processes with cutting edge technology to answer any small and mid-sized business needs. It integrates all functions that enable you to move flawlessly among all facets of your business, from order management to the manufacturing floor to sales & distribution leading to reduced duplication and waste.

ARIS Solutions

Automated recruitment Information System

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  • Increase Number of Applicants Up to 100%
  • Organize And Systematize Your Office Flow
  • Speed-Up Manual Processes Up to 80%
  • Minimize Operational and Recruitment Expenses Up to 50%
  • Maximize Employees Work-Hours And Increase Production
  • Fasten Up Communication And Excessive Slow Process
  • Easily Entice New Clients To Give Job Orders
  • Monitor and Guard Your Business and Investment
  • Provide Total Business Transparency To the Management

i-PLAN Solutions

Integrated Planning System



As a Project Manager, one of your jobs is to plan your project in detail. Using the iPLAN, you can create a detailed task list, schedule the start and end dates of tasks and add links between them. i-PLAN then helps you to baseline your project. Using the iPLAN, you can assign duration and allocate resources to ensure that the right people complete the right tasks at the right time.

This Project Planning Software also gives you a heads-up, by providing email alerts for tasks that are late.

TRANSOFT Solutions

Transport & Logistic System



TRANSOFT Drive constant innovation, quickly adapt to changing conditions, and fuel profitable growth – with TRANSFOT All-in-One for Transportaion and Logisics.

This industry-specific software for small and medium enterprises(SMEs) can help you gain the visibility you need to match capacity to demand and improve utilization, turns, and maintenance.

  • Automate and accelerate end-to-end business processes
  • Speed cycle times and responds to events anywhere in the supply chain
  • Improve equipment utilization and reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease labor costs and boost planner and technician productivity
  • Focus on your most profitable value-added services, offerings, and cutomers