i-SYS Lite Solutions

I-SYS Lite offers high-value IT software solutions and services, in a way to help and accelerate the business growth in a well-organized manner. OUr solutions facilitate our clients to accomplish their business goals by an efficient use of modern software technologies, at an optimal cost. we provide a series of Web, Desktop Based Software Applications, Software As a Service, that enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.

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PAYSYS Solutions

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ACSYS Solutions

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DB-Optimization Solution

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RENTSOFT Solutions

PAYSYS Solutions




As your business or organization grows, managing your payroll can easily become very complex. Not only do you have to deal with employees expecting their pay on and error free, but you also have more employer obligations, a myriad of tax rates and endless paperwork to contend with. PAYSYS has been designed with easy-to-use features without compromising the flexibility you would expect from powerful payroll systems.

PAYSYS Solution performs much of the calculating payroll process for you, bringing you new opportunities to streamline, do more with less, even do your own firm’s payroll more efficiently. Batch-oriented, fully automated and fully revolutionary, it’s a new way to payroll. Start to finish.

ACSYS Solutions




ACSYS Solution is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivables, payroll and trial balance. ACSYS SOLUTION is a fully integrated accounting and business system that eliminates the need to run separate finance, payroll, and CRM or service systems. ACSYS SOLUTION gives you a unified view of your business and knowledge sharing to enable your teams to work remotely and acess key decision making information quickly and easily.

DB-Optima Solutions

Optimized Database Management System

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DB Optima is a comprehensive database management software technology that provides the crucial foundation for the Unwired Enterprise and enables you to manage, and mobilize information from data centers to the point of action. DB Optima was designed to provide superior reliability with fast, efficient performance in different environments and for specific uses. DB Optima seamlessly replicate and mirror your data between various environments, providing you with near real-time access to managed data without downtime.

LENDSOFT Solutions




The LENDSOFT solution Platform is uniquely positioned to help improve the efficiency of your financial institution’s small business lending operations. It can reduce operational cost and complexity, improve customer service, and increase customer loyalty retention.

The LENDSOFT solution Platform enables financial institutions to quickly configure small business lending solutions that provide complete end-to-end processing, from application to decision, acceptance to document preparation and booking – all on a single platform. It allows business users to quickly and easily change cutoffs, risk ratings, pricing strategies, etc. and provides the flexibility to incorporate industry regulations into workflows.

RENTSOFT Solutions




RENTSOFT is software built specifically for the rental industry. It was developed based on the business processes of rental companies with all their unique requirements in-mind RENTSOFT is a user friendly and complete solution, with all modules integrated into one rental software package. RENTSOFT software helps rental businesses to increase their revenues while reducing costs of operation and improving asset utilization